As Creative Director for Keokee Media & Marketing I developed client relationships that spanned 20 years, I brought both creativity and strategic thinking to marketing across many media platforms. By applying hard-working strategic marketing ideas to strong visuals, I create collateral pieces that weave stories of success, purpose and value.

Click on each success story to see how strategic visuals help sell great product. Each of these clients brought a product of great value to the community, through listening to the clients and a process of discovery, the gems were found and featured in these effective collateral pieces. Together, we created stories that resulted in actions; vacations booked, lives resettled, funding of teacher grants in a public school system, the multi-million dollar sale of a champion line of alpacas, the funding for a two million dollar purchase  of a 160 acre Community Forest, a utility company that wins awards for a campaign featuring the real people behind the power source…


Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce serves a very robust tourism market. Each year we have tackled how to market a rich mountain community of art, culture and outdoor beauty from a different angle. This piece has been the recipient of “Best in Design” awards for the entire state of Idaho by the Idaho dept. of Commerce three times.
For the  Panhandle Alliance for Education we created a strategy to use their annual report as the primary fundraising collateral piece.  This, along with a call to action  digital newsletter has funded 736 teacher grants raising over $179,00 and establishing a multi-million dollar endowment fund since 2004.
Telling the story of Snowmass Alpaca, LLC, was like unraveling an ancient peruvian mystery, In “The Making of Champions part 4” we discovered intrigue, deception and a majestic line of royalty. The telling of this story resulted in a multi-million dollar sale of this alpaca line.  View the  company prospective in print format.
The transformation of Kaniksu Land Trust began as a rebranding and identity project. It quickly spiraled into a rally cry when 180 acre opportunity was presented. All the team needed was 2 million dollars. That’s when the concept of a Community Forest came to life. The Pine Street Woods brochure was part of a fundraising campaign that raised over 2 million dollars to purchase 180 acres for the community to use for conservation, education and play.

Award winning work for NLI ad campaign

In 2018 the communication Director of Northern Lights, a local Utility Co-op, came to us with a need to build esteem with their members because of a perceived threat to the Board. A campaign was created “More Powerful Together” to share strengths of the company based on the “real” people who create it. Personal stories were found about employees, unique products and skills NLI offers and and ways NLI solved member’s power needs. Keokee was credited with an award for Excellence in Communication by the NWPPA for the Ad campaign we created and the photography I directed. Note: There were no challengers to the Co-op Board, leaving it intact and protected.
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