Book Design:: I have designed well over 30 books working for Keokee Books: 6 larger than life color, coffee table books, with photos or art, seven childrens books, over a dozen regional author’s books, and a half dozen under my own label Turtle Moon Publishing of special interest, women authors, including some of my own writing. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Blues was completed the summer of 2018, the fourth, 200+ page, full color CoffeeTable Book designed for Geologist and author Robert Carson.

East of Yellowstone
Where the Great River Bends
Many Waters

Other Large format books I have designed or worked on include:

Selkirks Spectacular 
Whinny Nicker Neigh  Horse/Art Books


Turtle Moon Publishing began with this epic book, Nine Passages  a 500 page work by Gail Burkett, PhD on Women’s passages and ceremony. The book included my daughters and their passages, as well as a brief writing on a passage of my own. Linked is a “LookSee” version. The original book is available at

Tales of a Blacktop Gypsy was completed in 2018 and due to its complex nature of poetry, memoir and story, I present it here because  it turned out so nicely. This was another book completed under Turtle Moon Publishing with my two colleagues. There are many other (local authors) books I have designed under Keokeebooks, see more here.